Some great benefits of jogging

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Before taking on any physical exercise plan you should always consult your doctor. I personally think that jogging is an almost essential part of any fitness routine and if you are just starting on the road to good fitness then it can be used almost exclusively to get you to a good level. You might also want to consider that jogging is a fantastic exercise to burn fat. While there may be other exercises that burn more calories they are not as easy to work with as jogging is.

Then start out slowly with a short walk to work up to your jogging speed. In the beginning it is very important not to overdo it. If you push yourself too hard you can actually hurt yourself, and that will result in your delaying what you are actually trying to accomplish. Bodyweight cardio or weighted cardio I like to call it, moving with weights in your hand combines cardio & muscle strength endurance into a circuit. Since you need to let go of stress this is great. Most people think the only way to get rid of stress is by having sexual activities, eating or being entertain. But the best way known to man is cardio. Take a walk on the wild side and WALK!! Lol yes, I do not mean a marathon by walk out side for a few miles or run.

If you meet requirements, you can sign up for the Zumba Academy workshop either through the Basic or Gold membership. The Basic gives you an education of the foundation of zumba and its basic rhythms which include salsa, cumbia, merengue and reggaton. While it is proven that aerobic exercise in general will increase your metabolism, fasted-state state cardio has been proven to increase your metabolism for longer periods of time by completely depleting your body's glycogen stores and increasing blood and liver function significantly, thus increasing the level of energy output by the body. Do some sprinting at the end of your workouts.

This actually works the abs muscles and gives you a short burst of high intensity workout to get you to really push your body. Bottom line, this program delivers on all cylinders, Chalene's personality shines through and she makes the workouts fun and engaging. If you want extreme results and cardio conditioning, This workout also utilizes the new HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) which push you really hard for short classes, with short periods of rest. This program also includes workouts to sculpt and tone those problem areas on the upper arm and shoulder region that so many people seem to have issues with.

Keep in mind that "sets" mean the number of times you do that particular exercise and "reps" means the number of times you perform that exercise in a given set. Running is the cheapest and easiest way to boost your fitness and trim your weight and best of all; everyone can give it a go, to some degree. Just remember to start slowly. It is no good entering in for a half marathon when you haven't ran since high school. The third week, you need to keep the running and walking ratio the same, but try to fit in another session - so four times a week now. Do this for the following week also.

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Some great benefits of jogging

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This article was published on 2010/09/22