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One of the biggest issues when reaching your goal of having Abs or just losing weight, it is so important to have some sort of cardio in your workout!

If this element is not in your workout, you will not get those abs you want.

Now obviously depending on your age this will vary, but if you a like me and past your prime you will know how hard it is to get in shape and keep the weight off.

Your first obstacle to overcome is the mind block in your mind. To get yourself to start doing cardio and really enjoying it you first have to change your attitude towards it. Start off by doing small steps like walking for 20 mins, cycle etc.

It is a very important aspect to increasing your heart rate and tapping into that fat burning zone. On average I am dropping ¾ of a kg a week. After you have started a small cardio workout program and committed to it for a couple of weeks, it will now be time to step it up and push yourself a bit more.

Ideally your goal will be to perform cardio 3 times a week for about 40-60min periods. This plan followed with a good lightweight workout and proper diet plan, you shouldn't really have any problems at all when it comes to dropping weight.

I also find that the best time to work out FOR ME is in the morning, this is when I feel the most motivated to actually do some cardio and really push myself to that next level.

Any type of cardio is great, just as long as you are doing some. Without cardio in your weight loss plan you will find the results will be poor!

I hope you take this advice and move closer towards your goals, they are not as far away as you think.

All the best

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My Cardio For Great Looking Abs

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This article was published on 2010/04/03